Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Simple Fresh Peanut Butter

Making Peanut Butter or any nut or seed butter really is just as simple as grinding them up in a food processor to the desired smoothness and seasoning it as you like. It is really so much more tasty to make fresh nut or seed butter, but it's only as good as your ingredients. Even if you don't use organic peanuts, they taste fresher, and it's much more economical.
It really just goes to show how big business has sold us on consumerism. After making my own peanut butter, I don't plan on ever buying it or almond butter or cashew butter etc. ever again! What a racket, seriously! No more standing for half an hour in a grocery isle staring at fifty different options for my PB and J sandwich. Chunky, smooth, medium, less salt, low fat... Rediculousness, make your own to your own liking and enjoy!

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