Sunday, June 19, 2016

Real Food Pantry Tidying

I took the challenge Kristin gave this week, emptied my pantry, took stock, and tidied it at the same time. That's what the old folks call, "getting two birds with one stone." It did take only about and hour and I'm so glad I got 'er done. ;-) Now I not only know exactly what I have but I can effectively find it quickly.
Here are my before and after photos:
I was very pleased to find very few non-whole or non-real foods in my pantry. Most of the offenders were things my husband had bought since he's not completely on board with the "Real Food" ideal. His idea of real food is something he can quickly make himself like Rice a Roni or Hamburger Helper. It makes him feel better to see "food" he recognizes in the pantry, so I don't mind. We all need peace of mind and a little grace.
My Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up challenge for myself this week was the pantry anyway and I found that I have just too many different flours on hand. I know eventually we will use up the flours we have so I'm just not going to buy any more until we do. I did get rid of some extra pasta, cereal, and peanut butter we will not eat. It feels good to gain control of the mess.

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