Sunday, July 31, 2016

How to Pull Off a Full Breakfast in Half an Hour or Less

Something I never learned until I was grown and had entertained over-night guests, is how to prepare a full-blown breakfast in a decent amount of time. I learned a few tricks through trial and error.

What you will need:
A dozen Eggs
A package of Bacon
A Loaf of Bread
Fruit Preserves
Herbal Tea or Homemade Cocoa Mix

Other Optional Assortments:
Homemade Berry Compote or Granola
Milk or Juice

How to prepare a full breakfast:
First Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F.
Next take out a package of bacon and start laying the strips out flat, but close together.
Now you have a couple of options, you can either mix up muffin/quick bread batter, or you can lay out bread to toast on another pan.
Place a pot of water on the stove to boil for tisane or hot chocolate or whatever warm beverage you enjoy with breakfast.
Once the oven is up to heat put in you bacon on the bottom rack and your muffins or bread(if baking) on the top rack. If you are choosing toast simply wait 20 mins for your bacon to finish cooking, turn off the heat and let the bread toast.
While bacon cooks (muffins or bread would be baking too if you chose to make them,) preheat a skillet on the stove top, melt butter or bacon grease in the skillet, add eggs and cook as usual.
Pour hot water over tea bag or mix with hot cocoa mix etc.
Everything should be ready at relatively the same time.
Don't forget to offer slices of orange or apple, juice or milk, and yogurt with berry compote or granola!

Note: Another option I thought of is to make country potatoes and roast them in the oven with the bacon, instead of muffins or quick bread.

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