Friday, August 5, 2016

The Eggsperiment

I used to be able to buy Vital Farms pasture-raised eggs at my local farmers market and then suddenly they had a new brand. Davidson Farms and they didn't taste as good and they weren't as yellow/orange as the Vital Farms. I am still very disappointed about it.

So when I can't get the eggs I want I look for a good compromise:
The Happy Egg Co. feeds their chickens non-organic feed in the morning, but then they let the ladies out to pasture, to forage and soak up the sun, at least those who are willing to leave the henhouse. I buy these if I can't get pasture-raised anywhere. They are better than conventional eggs, and their yolks seem to be darker than organic eggs.

Next I tried Handsome Brook Farm eggs, which don't seem to have as dark yolks either, but the flavor is deeper/more wholesome to me. So I like these better than The Happy Egg Co.

Last I tried the store brand 'pasture-raised eggs' from Natural Grocers and they looked the same, were richer tasting than the Happy Egg Co, but I preferred the flavor of Handsome Brook Eggs.
I used to think eggs were eggs and then, as a teenager, I ate my first real egg from a neighbor-raised-hen and my perspective changed forever. None of these eggs even compare to that rich-dark-orange-yolked goodness of my adolescence. But, I'm happy with the results since the Handsome Brook Eggs are on sale now and then. I will still buy Vital Farms eggs whenever I can find them. Orange yolks=Sunshine and nourishing insects, I won't eat them myself but I don't mind if the chickens I eat do. ;-)

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