Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Simple Natural Laundry Soap

It doesn't get more natural or more simple than soap nuts. I am so excited to share my newest adventure with anyone who care two cents. I had read a bad review on soap nuts, so I dismissed the idea for many years. Then one day I was reading a post on Mommypotamus' blog on making liquid laundry detergent from soap nuts. She said she loved it, but one batch only made 12 loads and that would take less than a month for my household to use up. Then I thought, wait a minute, I don't think I would mind just throwing a bag of dried berries in with my laundry and opening that bag to check if they are spent yet. So I look up the blog that originally steered me away from them and now I am confident that either the soap nuts purchased were not a good batch or the user simply didn't understand how to use them.
So I purchased the soap nuts kit that Heather had recommended on Amazon and I couldn't be happier with the results. My households clothes, sheets and towels come out smelling, well, not smelling of anything really. They smell like they are clean without any added smell whatsoever. It reminds me of how the clean sheets smelled after spending the afternoon on the clothesline when I was a kid.
I have used the same batch of soap nuts for more loads than they are claimed to be able to clean, but they worked just great, which makes me happy because that means more savings. I don't know if it's just beginners luck or what, but I'm grateful.
This is my first time using soap nuts so only time will tell if I continue to have success with them. I will keep you posted.
As a side note, the directions that came with my soap nuts said to use super washing soda and six nuts per load if you have hard water, of which I do. Maybe that has prolonged the soap nuts. I don't know.

My laundry routine consists of: Turning on the water.
Pouring in 1/4 cup super washing soda.
Dissolving it by stirring the water using a long wooden spoon.
Checking my soap nuts in the bag.
Throwing the tied bag into the water.
Adding my laundry.
Letting it wash.
Putting the clothes in the dryer Removing the bag of soap nuts, and turning on the dryer. Done.
I was using a super easy recipe to make laundry soap before, but now I don't have to even do that and for now it is working even better at relatively the same price or less. Sweet!

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