Friday, September 23, 2016

My Favorite Einkorn Recipes

The first thing I learned about einkorn wheat is- it is different than red or white wheat. Einkorn flour is sticky to work with, and absorbs liquid and fat slower than other wheats, it tastes different and it's super nutritious. I suppose I am lucky to learn about einkorn late because everyone has already formulated such great recipes to use it in! Sometimes it is just good to hear success stories, so today I'm going to share my favorite einkorn recipes. Keep in mind I am only using fresh or recently ground whole einkorn flour I mill in my own kitchen, so if you have all-purpose einkorn flour, your results may be different.

In this Sourdough Bread recipe I added 2 Tbsp Ghee and 1 Tbsp Pure Maple Syrup when kneading.

These Sourdough Biscuits ended up extra soft so I just formed the biscuits with my hands instead of a cutter.

Sourdough Pancakes work perfectly with einkorn whole wheat flour.

My 2 yr old son loves these Waffles so much he eats them for snacks all day, and gets mad when we run out.

These Chocolate Chip Cookies are excellent with only 1.25 cups of whole cane sugar and a whole bag of Enjoy Life Chocolate Chunks. Scoop out the cookie dough and freeze the dough in ready-to-bake-portions. When ready, bake each batch for 13 minutes at 375-380 F. They turn out golden brown, crisp edges, chewy and gooey in the center. I just bake a few when I want them so I always have fresh baked cookies.

It's easy to overbake these Brownies, but they are delicious. I use carob powder instead of espresso and only 1/2 cup cocoa.

I will continue to add to this list as I try out more recipes. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I have!

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